Slim-built refrigeration units



Hydraulic generators save money and the environment

Transport refrigeration powered by diesel units can easily be converted to electric power. This is made possible by hydraulic generators that reduce both fuel consumption and environmental impact.

Hydraulic generators are a unique solution that allow an existing diesel powered unit to achieve the same environmental classification as the vehicle. This is done by simply converting the unit to electric power, eliminating the need for diesel. The generator is powered by the vehicle’s PTO, turning the vehicle into a rolling electricity producer. In addition to reducing the vehicle’s total fuel consumption, this also results in fewer carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particle emissions.

Hultstein’s generator solution, Ecogen, can be installed in a few days and produces a 400 V 3-phase voltage whether the vehicle is moving or running idle. Ecogen is able to operate equipment with a power demand up to 25 kW and can be used on all refrigeration units equipped for network operation.